I'm No Caged Bird

with you, 
i'm soaring the skies, 
flying to the rhythm
of my own beating heart. 

with you, 
i spread my wings
and let the throaty chirp of yours that i fell in love with
carry me
into the unknown world. 

with you, 
there's a sense of infinity, 
a sense
of lifelong eternity. 

with you, 
i believe in love. 

with you, 
i remember the feeling of loneliness. 

i remember when i was a
caged little bird, 
and when you
set me free.


Richmond, VA

Claire Jun, 14, resides in Richmond, Virginia, and loves to raise questions, study, and better the community. In her free-time, she likes to play tennis, practice violin, and enjoys writing anything and everything.

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