Reality of Now

I want to be there. 
I want to be there with the lightening and the thudding thunder
thanking me for my humble wholeness that fuels my ongoing want to overcome
the things that are painful. 

The curving coast of that cotton state hit with dust and racism is waiting. 
Waiting on the other side of the Gulf, 
waiting to embrace me with those
dry winds and flatlands that house
such stubby little shrubs that match the amount
of love that I've been giving to my home town. 

I am coming home. 
I am coming home to that place that I create
wherever I go. 
Wherever I go I'll find peace amongst the
coastal communities and barrier islands, 
I'll sit in amber light under vines and wonder where the time
between sweet then and the reality of now has gone. 
It's for the better that I not question it.


Corpus Christi, TX

Alex DandridgeComment