Worry Wart

All my finest worries
are arranged like collectible
bottles on the shelf.
I am a master of the hypothetical.

It probably started when I
was young, forming stories
in my mind. I've always wanted
to be a writer. I would
write comic books in my head
on long hikes then sketch them
into notebooks.

I even hoped a publisher
could take them and remove
those faint notebook lines
so someone else could enjoy

In kindergarten, I took
fantasy book orders for titles
that did not exist.
Then I feverishly worked
to write them, free of charge,
when the orders came in.

Nobody renewed their
subscriptions, though.

So now I'm working on
channeling the current of
my thoughts into positive,
narrative directions.

Instead of imagining
worries, problems, and woes
like an insurance agent
on overdrive, I'm working
to bring the threading
ideas captive into poems,
stories, and articles.
Even the occasional prayer.

One day at a time, I guess
you could say, I'm working
on getting my worry warts
removed as best I can.


Tennessee, US

JD DeHart is a writer and teacher. His new blog is jddehartfeaturepoems.blogspot.com.

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