Move Out, I am in Love

 I love you the way you want
with no thunder and a faint, loverly light
-a thatched hut’s lantern flicker to your fleeing night train
Soothing kohl in my eyes as I work my way up from the floor
to reach for my prize
Your smoke rings swirl right through my lips, slightly parted
to complete the blanks you have no time for
No brushing against the skin of your pride, my hands are full
with stuff you start and leave undone

Then I love myself the way I want you to
doing things for myself that would make me happy
talking myself into a mood for loving
mirroring my pleasured image, releasing my knots
while poor Atlas holds up our tottering universe
which leaves no space for trivial niceties
Human sacrifice is such a cliche!

Sometimes when you brush past me in the doorway, I scream
“ Who the heck are you, bumbler?”
too much in a relationship with the mirror, too skilled at self-love
to forgive the slightest of slights from inept strangers
for this love is an misnomer for a dead albatross
that I can carry alone and with ease


Sharjah/ United Arab Emirates

Reena PrasadComment