South Texas, South of You

Wait for it.

Sit outside next to the window. 
Next to canary yellow and blue sills. 
Be steady and patient, but don't let his blue eyes find you crying.
Be happy taking trips to San Antonio, forgetting what he feels, 
replacing it with someone else. 

Wait for it. 

That person that will walk with you by the salt flats and watch alligators bake themselves. 
They do nothing but wait. 
Why do I still Love you? 
Why do I still need to know you? 

Homesickness makes me sick of having to remember home. 
I am losing interest in those poplars and cool kids.
Remember what you are doing and remember that someone loves you and remember that someone is thinking of you and that someone wants to understand you. 

Are you wanting to understand them? 

Wait for it. 

Sit by the dunes and watch the sea mist in the street light. 
Night time's biggest secret on the Coastal Bend of Texas. 
Wait for it to cover and coat. 
Run with it dodging crabs and affection and try to understand its fascination. 
Find wonder in the ordinary, that's really all you can do. 
Find that wonder in someone and don't let go.
don't let it go
don't let it go
please don't let it go. 
I don't think I've truly ever done that. 

I'll wait for it.


Corpus Christi, Texas

I am 22 from Richmond Va. 
Most of poetry is inspired by climate and nature, and my addiction to putting myself in uncomfortable situations. 
I have recently moved to Texas, and I am trying to find comfort in writing as I make this transition

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