I long to be a star-
watching over the world and
leaving behind my light to shine upon it
long after I depart. 

Too many times, I have heard, "You can't change the world", 
but I believe that I can- 
with the love,
the kindness,
and the compassion
I am earning through the cycle of my life and my demise. 
of my death and my rebirth. 
of my ends and my beginnings. 

Just like a star
experiencing a supernova,
when I self destruct-
when the darkness swallows me-
I bring light to others;
my pain becomes both hard-won experience
and a radiant glimmer of hope.


Richmond, VA

Hannah is a student at Virginia Commonwealth University who loves finding meaning in life's struggle, suffering, and pain through reflection and writing. You can find more of her writing at:

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