As the sun rise, a new hope merges from the ground.
The night animals switch places with the day creatures,
just as always. Always on the same routine. Never
cease to go out of order or change. The weather may
change course or surprise us. Just like any other human
would, unpredictable. That’s what makes it exciting and
shocking. I wish life was fair, I wish everyone had the
ambition to strive for better lives. I wish people knew
that everything is okay, that sometimes we cannot
control situations. It’s not about where you came from,
it’s about where you are going. Where your feet; wheelchair,
one foot or prosthetic legs take you. A person may walk a
different path than you, but each and every one of us
have a place to be, people to meet and things to do.
The wonderful thing about going on a journey is, you
will never know how it ends, until you take the first



Shayna WilkinsComment