Colors from Yesterday to Tomorrow

Red swirls with a hint of pink cotton candy
clouds are the colors of yesterday. Yesterday
is a history. A history of blinded red lights, 
cheeks flushed with red stains of rage. The
type of rage that cannot be explained. Be still
little one, be still before the volcano explodes.

Pink with imagination. Ever so
light, float away from the harsh reality because
it’s oh, so boring. Too much to handle for a little
child. Sweet clouds carry her away and keep her

Aquamarine blue, shimmering gold, lush green, fiery red
and pearl pink are the colors of tomorrow. Tomorrow is
a mystery. A mystery beneath the aquamarine waves of
possibilities and treasure. Shimmering gold shines bright in
her heart. Lush, vibrant green fields full of harmony and
growth. In this case fiery red doesn’t mean rage, the fiery
red represents the passion for new adventure. Lastly,
pearl pink still full of imagination but this time around
the vision will come a reality.



Shayna WilkinsComment