corners. can I allow them to remain? or will I continue to try and cut them off? to cut through them too quickly. or just plain old ignore them and go down the middle. again. and again. to avoid the painfull corners. 

the edges of life. those places where the shadows lie. the parts of me who are hidden, or sad, or neglected. those little girls of ages past who are curled up underneath a tree of yesterday with a memory in the pocket of frayed jeans. and a wilted dandelion tucked into the wisps of pigtails. 

will I go there? do I dare to step into the shadow of the corners where life in its wholeness lies. where the answers to my questions can be found. in the whispers. in the eyes of those little girls of ages past. those little girls of me. 

yes. I dare to open up the corners where I have turned them down to hide away. I dare to tiptoe into the shadow to look and hold those little girls of yesterdays gone by. I dare to listen to her and learn from her . . . to take her hand and draw her into the middle. into the messy middle of life. for there she will dance and sing and love and live. and we will dance together to the corners of the sky and to the messy middles until we have become one. again. and again. melting together though we never really were apart anyway.


Richmond, VA

I am a creative soul who loves to express herself freely through her life. Learning to live without senseless planning and to float freely in the river of life.

Cindy L.Comment