What's life and who's winning?

I always wonder about winning and losing. Who’s winning and who’s losing? It’s all about the setup, you know. Depending on what the game really is, we can’t tell if we’re winning or losing right now.

One way to win regardless is to have a good fucking life everyday. Wake up, do the things you wanna, say the things you wanna, be the person you want to be, because why the hell not? Why be a victim when you can be pretty much anything you want to be, and be taken seriously for it - Sometimes I think some of us laugh ourselves out of success, we don’t believe we can or we fear the hurts so bad, so we don’t even try.

Another way to win is to be a good person - get your joy from making other people happy, better than they would have been if you didn’t exist. This is good because you get to help people and your life matters more cos of the lives you touch. 

And the saddest group of all? The third way to win is by getting loads of stuff. Buying things to fill your emptiness, seeking validation, applause, approval for everything you do because you don’t consider your perception of yourself enough reason to live and live fully.

Thing is, luckily, we can be all of these and we most often are. Sometimes, we’re in the flow - moving effortlessly with life, owning our shit, getting things done; other times, we’re helping folks, making a difference, and the majority are buying stuff, getting likes, doing the most all the time.

But who’s winning though?


Accra, Ghana

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