I feel like I am balancing on the railing of a high bridge except there is no road on one side. It is only water on one side and water on the other... and its a LoOooOOoong way down. I am growing weary of standing here.. going nowhere. I want to jump. But these 2 directions are 2 completely different outcomes for more people than just myself. I have to go one way or the other eventually. One way I am being pulled.. I can feel the pulling pulling pulling at my pant legs.. the other way is where I actually want to go. My heart is pulling me in that direction. But in order to follow my heart I will have to let go of almost everything that has meant anything to me in this life. It will potentially hurt the ones that I love if I follow the direction of my heart. Which way to go? I have been standing on this railing looking down both ways for several months now and am still in the same place. Being pulled both ways by 2 opposing forces. Going nowhere. I wonder which way I will eventually fall.... I can't stand here forever. I have no idea.


Richmond, VA

Roslyn FrankComment