Nine Things I, coworkers, and or friends have done to avoid unwanted male attention in the workplace.

1.) Avoided eye contact with men who have been making sexual comments about our bodies while waiting for their orders.

2.) Taken fake phone calls on the store phone when men who won't take no for an answer come back for the third day in a row.

3.) Said yes when we meant no, because sometimes standing a man up works better than saying no for the hundredth time.

4.) Asked male coworkers to deliver orders to guests that insist we call them "daddy" or "sexy."

5.) Pretended to text while on break so men won't constantly try to pick us up.

6.) Stopped wearing make up to work.

7.) Ordered a uniform one or two sizes too big.

8.) stopped brushing our hair before work.

9.) Worn fake engagement rings.


Richmond, VA

Elizabeth is a Senior at VCU where she studies English and Creative Writing in hopes that it will all make a difference one day.