Spare Change

Beware the Blasphemer:
For some of us writing is an indulgence of faith
Like tithing-returning 10% of what was given to us
By the almighty, but resisting because somehow, we do not believe we’ll get it back;
Yet, since we are always receiving anyway, how selfish, and purely ignorant of us to deny one fraction to promote God’s work on this universe
Giving being more blessed than receiving (not necessarily to an institution, but to a person or persons in need
Of love, counsel, food, time…)
But maybe the giver is the gift
We scribble because of an innate call to express our gifts, to bless ourselves (catharsis) or bless another (generosity)
Even when we stop at a light, lock eyes with another human being: say a man standing on the corner with a cardboard sign
Expressing his need for food, a job, or shelter And we/I keep driving through the green light
Because we do not want to be reminded of our tenuous wealth, health and well-being;
Come to think of it, we are all spare change in a rich man’s pocket, among the knots of dust and string we are not alone;
There are requisites for writing, left to right progression, linear perspective,
Spelling rules, mechanics, grammar, phoneme awareness, syntax, abbreviations, etc.
Otherwise why write if no one else can read and comprehend our graphic gibberish
Believing our words to be holy, and sanctified.


Richmond, VA

I always seek opportunities to express my creativity through conversation, writing, art, and dance. My husband's spirit reigns over the four generations of females who live in my house, and the weekly visits of my grandson.

Dorothy RiceComment