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One of these days
maybe I will learn not to
listen to voices just
because they are loud

Even learn how to value
all voices
just the same

One day I will that
being a person of faith
means also loving myself
being merciful to myself

Love can't exactly be
measured out, you know,
and it's not like we're
supposed to be Pez Dispensers
of kindness

A small tablet for you
A small tablet for you
Not so

Maybe today is the day
I learn how to love myself
but something tells me
this is still a process
and I'm not at the stopping
mark yet

If I could make a portfolio
of my life
take a quick snapshot
day by day
I wonder what differences
I would notice today
from twenty years ago

It's that old question
that's already been asked:
If you could visit yourself
back then
what would you say

I would like to see
some form of difference
would like to think that the learning
I've done has led to change

for the better

I believe in transformation
within to without
without to within

At least that's where I am
as I'm learning today.



JD DeHart is a writer and teacher. He blogs at jddehartpoetry.blogspot.com.

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