What is Sacred?

Someone recently left me to consider this question and it seemed to leave me both reflective and daunted. Reflective because the question did require me to think of what was truly important in my own life experience-and that is always a good thing. Daunted because, well, it could be a very long list. 

This question also made me wonder if we are aware of those sacred moments as they are happening. We often can know instantly and spout off what we like, or don’t like, but something “sacred” seems to be in a different category altogether. The word is often associated with religion, or some sort of ritual, but I prefer to think of it as something that takes us out of the ordinary, something venerate or something that causes us to pause, understand its beauty, and know that it is a moment we should savor. 

Sacredness can be found in the majestic to be sure, but despite its lofty implications, it can be found also quite squarely in the mundane or everyday. So without too much over-thinking, here I offer a severely abbreviated list of moments I am sure and aware of in their passing as being sacred. Perhaps an exercise good for us all.

An achingly beautiful phrase, vista or gesture.
Rendering an image that feels outside of my understanding.
The power and rapture of giving life to another human being.
My name whispered in the dark.
The simple elegance of a rock or feather.
Walking in a deep, silent forest.
Swimming naked in the sea.
A silent gaze.
Rain on a tin roof.
A single moment of clarity.


San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Linda LainoComment