Writer’s Retreat

Sidelined by illness, winter’s grey and post-election depression, I lost my mojo. Couldn’t find it anywhere. Had to wait patiently for its return.

Return it did – by sneaking up on me at a writer’s retreat. Running away from my life, I parked my butt into a seat at a friend’s river home to write. Now, one day into my retreat, I stop to celebrate the joy. My first half-day was sleep, a walk, dinner and a glorious read of Tracy K. Smith’s Ordinary Light. I woke and recorded a recurring frustration dream in which no one listens to me and I can’t get anything done. Hmmmm……….

By noon I have written a poem and am in process of revising four poems to send to my teacher. I am not a foolish writer. I know about revision, revision, revision: I am a worker. But right here, right now, I celebrate the joy of writing, of creating, of allowing myself to be through words. I welcome my returning mojo.

A postcard to all:
Having a great time on vacation. No offense, but I don’t wish you were here!


Richmond, VA

Nan Ottenritter is a poet and musician who lives in Richmond, VA.

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