Spring Ahead

Right now I am sitting at my computer pondering the "SPRING AHEAD" idea... I am amazed at how fast time goes by. I was looking at an older friend of mine, last week, while we were eating Chobani yogurt and fruit. We met in 1989. She was 57 years old back then. On the first day of Spring, I will be 57 years old! I cannot believe how my life has Sprung ahead. I used to move so quickly. I am trying so hard to hold back time by walking slowly and savoring each moment like my favorite food: licking the spoon, in increments, until there is just the tiniest bit of life to lap up. I have lost too many elderly friends, these past years. Unfortunately, when I met most of them, they were my age and younger. I feel like I am in my prime, now. I hope that I am not merely the best that I can ever be. I see my body deteriorate. My muscles need constant work. I need to stretch and do range of motion exercises in the mornings and at night, to keep arthritis at bay. I like to dance and move and want to take action and walk more, and not just promise myself I will. Time is of essence. There is no time like the present. I accept certain things. I am not going to wow the world on Broadway or Off-Broadway. I am not going to win any beauty contests. I am not going to win the Pulitzer Prize. I hope my traveling days are not over. I wonder if I will ever leave VA for another state, again? I hope I can visit Korea, again. I want to use all of my Amtrak Guest Reward points. There is so many people (lots of them are here, playing with me on Facebook) that I miss, dearly, and would love to visit. For the past four months, I have been "in a NY State of Mind" and wanting to visit my mother. I need to mail out those cards I bought, in the past few months. I want to take a long drive into the country. Why am I so booked up with activities that have nothing to do with my solitude and soul? Will I ever see some of my family who live far away, again? What about the 1,228 Facebook friends that I do not actively see "in the flesh"? I feel like there are never enough free weekends. There are too many books to read. Too many places I have never yet traveled. I enjoyed the snow days. They forced me to try to slow down and catch up with myself. "Be still and know that I am God... Be still and know... Be still... Be."


Richmond, VA

Spring Chicken

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