The Power of Words

 I really dislike unpleasant editors. Rejections are hard enough without the snarky comments. I realize taste is subjective, but I firmly believe all criticism should be constructive and not simply insulting.

I remember the editors that are kind to me, but I always recall those who make me fall or useless, too. I make a mental note not to submit there again if they're nasty so I don't waste my time in the future.

Because when it all comes down to it—you have to go where you are appreciated. I'm not going to be belittled or disrespected to the point where I feel miserable about myself. Clearly some folks do appreciate my works as they've been published in various magazines and anthologies.

Writing is my passion, my heart, my soul; and I wouldn't give up on my dream. Some days it's difficult, but I always push through.

Anything good in life is worth fighting for. I won't let those who hurt me get the satisfaction of stopping me from doing what I love to do.

The world has many oysters, and I'm going to find all the pearls that are mine.

I understand we all have bad days, but like anyone else an editor shouldn't take it out on anyone. Especially not those who are writing for them in the hopes of being published. I think we all need to remember to be mindful of our words—they do have power. I rather build someone up rather than tear them down.


Meadville, PA

Linda M. Crate is an author, poet, and writer from Pennsylvania. She has three published chapbooks and is the author of the Magic Series. You can find her on facebook here:

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