Shedding the Heart

She looks up past the panes of glass to the cards which rest upon the slot at the joint. Two years ago she remembers when she first gave The Second the very same card. Different sentiments, but the two snakes intertwining around a heart and two small stars punctuating the top and the bottom, identical. How strange they picked the same iconography, and when received, he told her it was familiar, but didn't know how or why.

Snakes have always been a sign of foe in her dreams. Her mother warned her when they appeared in her subconscious that someone or something was against her. Were these snakes denoting that she and he were enemies of the heart. Who knows. She just thought the symbol was cool in a design-minded way, the stars reminding her of the Tarot---her tarot---The Star. Then she remembered The First and the very first card she gave him. The card had an embossed ouroboros---the snake eating itself. No beginning, no end...

How can she forget the before? How can she not think of this very day where on so many occasions he surprised her? When he sent flowers to her work? When he faked her kidnapping, put her in a jeep, and drove her around giggling with their friends as they made your way to the party? When he sat across from her by candlelight, in that New Orleans' restaurant as they were surrounded by gilded mirrors, watching her devour her pork medallions and sip on her goblet of champagne? She remembers. 

She didn't want to hear the past calling her. She didn't want the vivid memories or recalling the promises and how the ones he swore by, would soon fall short in the end. No longer would his efforts be grand or sentimental. 

She stared again at the two snakes wondering if perhaps they were the guards of this heart, an enemy to outsiders, or if she was making too much analysis of what was and what was to be. In the end it will end up drowned by many other cards with many other memories in an old shoebox where this will be the past and the future will have many other snakes to line its path.


Richmond, VA

Josephine LeeComment