The truth is, you said
I am afraid of you
I detected a squirm under
my skin but I
failed to listen I
am failing at a lot
of things lately such as sleeping
through the night like an easy
baby or keeping the dishes
clean like a surly teenager
Intermittent stress and sloth I guess

I also failed to
listen that night you
showed me part of who
you are it
lit me up like a
drunken lamplighter
trying to beam some sense into
my cells where all the red flags were
waving but they waved
goodbye seduced by the
light procession tunneling
from your eyes

all those easy sins piled up along
with your hopes of a savior
uncooked meals, 
broken promises, discarded
opportunities lost in translation

this failure reeks of some stale
behavior that I’ve seen before
like a sad deja vu replaying its familiar scene
who's laying the mines
you or me?
like a hunted animal you
step hesitant through that
trap you made
fearing detonation


San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Linda LainoComment