My Body

My body is so much more than for your pleasure, your momentary release of ecstasy and enjoyment. 

My body encompasses so much more than my sexual organs. It’s not just something for you to fill, use, and discard. 

My body holds a brain – full of thoughts, knowledge, and dreams. 

My body contains my eyes, which allow me to see the world. A vivid sunset, full of pinks and purples; the kind act of a stranger; words on a page that transport me to a different place, allowing me to escape, if only for a moment. Eyes that often fill with tears from what you did. Tears that my dog licks softly off my face, assuring me that I’ll be okay. 

My body has two arms that allow me to wrap another being in a warm embrace. Arms that have sunk 3-pointers on a basketball court. 

My body contains my fingers, perhaps my most precious extremity. They have played preludes on my family’s piano and penned countless letters, poems, articles, and stories. 

My body contains my legs. Legs that have climbed to the top of mountains, skied down black diamond slopes, completed a 5K race, and walked around 11 different states. 

Most of all, my body contains my voice. A voice that screams, “NO MORE!”


Richmond, VA

Aspiring counselor. Advocate for sexual assault survivors. Animal lover. Assumes of the role of wine drinker with a reading habit. Addict of peanut M&Ms.

Katherine SchusterComment