Braces to Oreos

Imagine a room with buzzing, illuminating lights, black pressed wood tables, and test tubes vexing asthmatics with its’ prehistoric dust. My teenage corneas darted from chair to chair spotting, depicting a misanthrope character in every corner. Eventually my attention settled on this one being whose essence oozed a craven personality. Sitting in a field of misfits was this girl who appeared not to be stranger to Miranda Lambert…or a library card. For arguments sake I am labeling this identity Tina. 

Upon first glance, Tina had a plethora of braces, and was the embodiment of a stereotypical target for bullying. When I approached her with my excessively baggy Ecko Unlimited attire, she seemed to emulate the most maleficent mask she could muster. I tried to ease a half smile (which I am sure appeared incredibly cringe worthy) towards Tina and her friendly flock. My attempt to disabuse my unwelcome presence didn’t go with as much success as I had liked. However things changed, supposedly for the better.

Several weeks had passed and eventually Tina and I created a tacit of rolling our eyes or shaking our heads whenever we were forced to interact with our pretentious peers. Soon I noticed Tina was one of those people who came from a decent financial background but wasn’t throwing her dollar bills like Lil Wayne in a gaudy music video. Instead she enjoyed being benevolent philanthropist. Tina was willing to help tutor a friend with their homework at four in the morning, while exploring opportunities to construct others to better themselves. I remember one time Tina vouched for me in front of our science teacher who needed a CSI investigation to exculpate a student of not intentionally dumping their pencil shavings on the floor. But what I admired most is the fact that Tina over the years began to speak her mind and not let others use her as a chess piece. 

Several years have passed and I can proudly say Tina and I are still friends to this day. These days we enjoy such classic programing as Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, while devouring an entire box of Oreos. Although I am not tired of this weird friendship we have developed…I am tired of the crumbs she leaves all over the God damn carpet.


Mechanicsville, VA

I rarely give compliments because I want my words to have value.

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