Ode to Joy

I am so glad I’m not at home tonight. She is in rare form. Although the more often she seems to get this way means it’s no longer rare. Is this the new her? Is this a premonition of things to come which will only be magnified by the impending teenage hormones? 

I should have more sympathy, empathy really. After all I was in her shoes once. But not really. I was a very different child and I raised her to be everything I was not. So, I have to be grateful. I have to remember that her strong-will, her tenacity and her independence are treasures not curses. She is confident, happy, well-adjusted. She is full of attitude and charm. She is thoughtful, helpful and mischievous. Her mouth gets her in trouble. But it also warms a heart, brings laughter to anyone around her and comforts those who need it. She’s a bully to her three big brothers and a tender, caring mommy to the little ones at school. She wears dresses and baseball caps and says it’s not fair boys can go with no shirts but she can’t. And at the very next moment she is doing her own makeup tutorial vlog on an ancient video camera. 

Now I know why it’s so hard. I was never in her shoes. She is everything I wasn’t. This alien. This child. My Joy…God help us.


Richmond, VA

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