Acing My Test

I could only ever accept your hand
on my waist
as an act of love.

I could never turn my light
in my mind
as your affections grant me different sustenance.

So, keep your hand
on my waist
and do not force my love.

I will see only you
and say “yes,”
and your affections will grant me sustenance.

You are not at fault,
nor am I,
do not force my love.

When your hand rests
on my waist
just wait for me.

I am not myself
for where I've been,
who I've found,
what I've seen,
my history.

I was born to be
a light,
but one that only illuminates
not your body
but your name.


Rockville, MD

I am a graduate student at American University pursuing a Masters Degree in Literature. My primary interests include Feminist Rhetoric and Queer Theory.

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