tinder date

 waiting for the tinder date. leaving in an hour. 

picking mushrooms with mila in the czech countrtyside. mila is a dutch girl living in prague. i am an american boy living in prague.

we’re going with her two friends, who are a couple. one is adam, a czech boy living in prague. the other is oyku, a turkish girl living in prague.

yesterday, on the metro, i saw three czech men carrying large baskets, overflowing with brown mushrooms.

two nights ago, mila invited me, through tinder, to come with her on this excursion. 

i stared at her first picture for a while. you may not know this, but if you stare long enough at photographs, they can come to life.

i discovered this the other day when i looked at pictures of you, full screen. i had had a few glasses of wine, at that point. that helps with this process.

a past you, forever standing in a brown forest, stared at me. i felt her presence so deeply that i spoke to her. “what?” i asked. 

in the tinder photo, i watched mila, who i had never met. i know that she makes mushroom soup. i know that she makes acorn soup, which sounds just so delightful. i know that at best- really at best- we will fall in love. this is a definite possibility. 

the slightly out of focus arm in her first tinder picture, warmly lit. i will know it, i will kiss it. it will move fully in focus, and i will see all its tiny hairs, and i will graze them with my soul. and then, she will move out of focus again.

still have a few minutes.


Richmond, VA

Studying film in Prague.

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