Just Plain Old

I found a piece of paper mixed in with his bills scattered on the rusted table in the den.
Scribbled on the note was :

Legs- A bit wobbly and feels weird.
Right knee- It swells and looks like a ripe Hanover tomato
Skin- begging for more oatmeal lotion on the back and both of my hands.
That old surgery scar itches too and even feels tight.
Brain- Memory freezes sometimes when questions are asked.
Stories from life are told differently each time.
Driving-rarely and have someone else to do that for me. I've seen what I need to see.
Hearing- have to sit a little closer to the television.

Tired of folk asking me how do I feel today or yesterday or any day.
So I just tell them, I'm just damn plain old!


Mechanicsville, VA

Karla W. Stevenson Comment