Your mind's movie theater

I think dreams are the most amazing things. I find it crazy that our brains are able to create such vivid stories out of memories, light, color, things we've heard, places we've been and people we've known. ALL WHILE WE ARE SLEEPING. It strikes me as ironic that for many of us, the time when our brain runs the wildest and has so many thoughts, is during the same period of time when it's supposed to be "resting". Yet our imagination is so so awake. Also, it never ceases to shock me when a stranger shows up in my dreams. I've had dreams about people I saw on the street ONCE, and they show up in my dreams as my best friend, an enemy, or even my husband. It's almost like you don't realize that a face has stuck with you so much until one night when your brain decides to be like "hey remember that creepy guy you saw on the street 3 months ago? Oh ya, well now he's trying to kill you so.....good luck". Sometimes my dreams get so intense and feel so real that I wake up confused because my brain has actually been able to convince me that my dream was in fact, real life. But most often, I wake up, and immediately, I can't remember ANY of my dream that felt SO real. And who knows, maybe they are real, maybe we really are transported every night to a parallel universe where we meet our best friends, strangers, and everyone in between. Everyone gathered together to share their stories. The real ones, the ones crafted by our imaginations, and the ones that haven't even happened yet.

Aliya BenabderrazakComment