But how can you be positive?


All around me, everything is a constant reminder of you. Sometimes your watch will beep from the bottom of my bag and I'll immediately be reminded of how you rush to turn it off whenever it goes off in the middle of class. The rock climbing gym down the street will permanently remind me of our date there. And I'll never be able to enter the bubble tea cafe without remembering our first date that started out oh so awkward. Everything has become about you. The simplest things. From the smell of the hand soap every time I wash my hands, to my new slippers I was so excited to show you. Inexplicable things have become about you. You have become the center of my universe. Sometimes It feels like my thoughts swirl all around but always end up back on the same topic. you. I don't know what I would do without you. And that is how I can be positive that I'm in love with you.


San Miguel de Allende, GTO, Mexico

I'm 14, almost 15 and I have been dating my boyfriend for almost a year. We are very serious and very often talk about spending the rest of our lives together. A lot of people are skeptical and don't think we are capable of being in love because we are so young. But there isn't a doubt in my mind. So this piece is for all the adults who have ever said to me "are you really really sure though???.....I mean, how can you be positive, your so young, you don't even know what love feels like." Or have just blatantly rolled their eyes as if to say, don't mind them, they're just kids. I'll see you all at our wedding ;)

Aliya BenabderrazakComment