Admittedly, I do not Tweet, but I am a social media junky by default. Everybody else is doing it, so I eventually curied a cadre of Facebook friends, mutual friends, family, (250+)and voyeurs. In return I get feedback on my posts: paintings, poetry and a potpourri of reflections. Family birthdays, anniversaries, and achievements have been posted with regularity. Even the death of my husband, brother, and literary friend have been posted. I have noted who responded and who did not and wondered why So&So never responds. I have received likes and emojos that I didn’t understand, and cherished comments that elate, encourage, and elevate. I respond to those commentators and generally thank everyone. My responses to others are carefully worded to do the same. I also notice the number of responses from my curied cadre, and I have envied people who garner 100’s of responses to pictures of pets, babies and celebrations. Well, I finally broke 100 likes and comments on a recent post about a new job venture. The comments reveal the high level of respect, admiration, and love my friends and relatives have for me. It is immensely gratifying to be reminded of my impression, influence, and inspiration to others.


Richmond, VA

Dorothy is a retired teacher, practicing poet, and artist who shares her home with a daughter, grand children, and a great granddaughter.

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