A Message to My Family

A message to my family: Our home does not have a laundry chute. Now, in all fairness, I must admit that I am the one who created this mythical addition to our home. You see, our laundry room is in the basement and several times over the years, I have thrown things to be washed down the steps, knowing I was going into the basement at some point that day and would then move it to the correct color coded bin in the actual laundry room.

The house in which I grew up was the same way. As a child, I often dreamed of having a laundry chute that would carry the bothersome items straight to their destination. But Mom would NEVER have allowed the tossing of items down the steps. “What if someone came over? What if they saw our laundry laying out for anyone to see?” (Funny thing, when we were getting that house ready to sell this past year, we discovered there actually is a hole in the floor of the bathroom closet that looks down on the laundry room. I could have had the longed for chute all along.)

Anyway, it is becoming more common for items (socks, towels, stinky shirts) to lay on the landing at the bottom of the steps for days before I admit defeat and move them. As I am the culprit who began the terrible habit, I suppose I have no room to complain; but it would be nice if, once in a while, the items disappeared before I released an exasperated sigh and moved them myself. Perhaps when it is down to just my husband and myself. Or maybe then I will just be unable to remember who did it and assume it was my mess to clean up.\


Fredericksburg, Virginia

Bronwen Chisholm is a self published author of Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice alternatives. She is also mother of two, an eighteen year old son in military prep school and a fourteen year old daughter aspiring to the stage. She loves all the roles she plays in life and tries to see the humor in all things.

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