An Affirmation

I am neither my title, 




thick toes. 

I am a traveler

into the sheaves of human margins, 

turning the book inside out

and rewriting the musical notes

to sing the paper strings. 

I am a digger

in ancient French tongues,

salt and euphony, 

and a forgiver of rhymes, 


and fever. 

My daily question mark half circles

to dot the when of things, 

bring them face to my own blind eyes, 

up close like cilia sensors: 



and frankincense. 

Our skin aflame

scented musk and cream,

I mean, 

as if all of us

walked to the holy house, 

succumbed to the chewy silence, 

perched on velvet crushed cushions

with our mouths circled

and vibrating

in the register

of C(osmos).



Huntington Beach, VA

Pamela Gerber is a college English instructor, mom, wife, friend and blogger at

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