For You, Grieving Sister

May you find some comfort in these days of deep pain,
Of seeming disconnection.
May you find cool peace between moments of searing heat,
Moments of feeling a piece of your very soul has been taken.

Right now, it feels as if a weight-bearing wall
in the house of your soul has crumbled.
And you wait for the remaining waves of motion to stop.
You wait to see if your house will collapse completely,
As you have, again and again.

Breathing feels unfair, since he won’t, anymore. 
Since that one who shared your earliest stirring of awareness has returned
To the place where there is none.

Find comfort, Love, in the knowledge that, 
While a part of you went with him –
A part he needed for his journey, perhaps
He also left a part behind – 
A part you will need for your journey, for sure.
And you will carry that treasure close to your heart,
Pulling it out to examine in the light during your darkest times.

And his existence continues in your breath, 
In your stories, 
In the fact of your existence, 
The survival of this loss.

And you are not alone, Sister.



Richmond, VA

 Jennifer is a Richmond mother, wife, sister, writer, and frequent consumer of Life in 10. Jennifer has led numerous grief groups and trainings for parents on talking to children about death. She has assisted in grief classes at VCU and will lead a workshop for Life in 10 Minutes in August. More information about that workshop,
Penning a Legacy: Finding Words, Creating Meaning, Honoring Loss
can be found at: