and then there were two

It started with Two. And it stayed that way for a good long time. But the time seemed cluttered, full, without clarity or perhaps that birds eye view that allows for a full breath and broad sweep of things. It was fun, sort of. Free, mostly, but also encumbered with the what will be, need to do, should want to, oh look at them go, whats wrong with me mind travels. Then they came, first one, then the other. Beautiful lumps of delicious heft, earthly smells, with their unbelievable soft caress on the back of my sticky neck. I knew each morning what my day held. Not perfect, not glamorous and certainly stressed at times but also enveloped in a gauzy haze of wonder. A world where bigger questions had to stand in line behind good night moon, and hello I have no idea how to do this but am leaning into it with all I got. As they traveled their path, mine continued too, the tether getting longer each passing year, until first one snapped and I clung to the remaining cord, as I wistfully watched the other sailing up swirling higher and away in a beautiful dance of freedom. But I know now, it is the release of the second and final cord that brings your head up sharply as your heart plummets. Again that now familiar kite string dancing away from your outstretched hand. Part of you knowing you can't and mostly don't want to recapture the string and stop the ascent. And so again there are two. And the day begins not knowing at all where it is going. Heady stuff. Bittersweet as they say. A new freedom, but with more luggage. No tether, a greater sense of time both its preciousness and its availability. The two alone again with a bigger breath and birds eye view. Where will we fly.


Richmond, VA

Patricia EdinboroComment