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I never knew I was such a bad person to be around until I started looking for a roommate. I even included a real picture of myself; one of how I will normally look if they ever see me walking down the hallway in the middle of the night, or in the middle of the day, to be honest. I really always look the same- dark circles under my eyes, irregular light and dark-toned patches on my face, a zit here and there, even though I am way past my teenage years. 

So I send the pic. I send an uniform basic email--I am kind, respectful, will stay in the room, and don't need the kitchen. Hell - I even made plans that since it is summer break, my kid only has to be there two times a week. And still I don't get any replies. I'm even telling them I have the cash - like now, in my hands. What do I have to do? Instagram it? 

I knew I was not quite likable but this is crazy. I'm even going to pay them. 

Well, so I get to live in my car, but that causes a problem, too. Isn't that illegal? I don't feel like looking up the city ordinances to see. I really don't know what magic word I'm supposed to say or convey in order for the people to say yes. It's not like I prefer to live with strangers. I kind of have no choice right now due to limited funds.

I don't want to be a mega-rich person but it would be nice to have at least $2,000 a month. Get a nice apartment- all the works- and no bad or bug-infested neighborhoods. That would be about a grand. And then a car, newer at $300, insurance at $200, and then $500 for food. Okay, maybe I need $3,000 after looking at the list. But I would have to research more on prices in my city. People say cities are expensive but my city is, too.

It's crazy how money is practically everything and I don't know if it should be or not? And what about credit? Don't even get me started on that.


Reno, NV

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