Late one morning, at the beach, dad asked me if I would like to go fishing with him. After some thought, I said yes. We went near fort Maken and set up camp (put down snacks and stuff). Anyway, I started using the net at the shore. After fifteen long minutes, I caught a bait-fish. I got him out of the net and handed him to dad, who hooked him. He handed the rod to me- I cast it. After a while I forgot it was there and I was just playing with the sand. I'm not used to saltwater fishing, so I thought I had nothing, so I reeled it in to read my book. Once it was a few feet away from where I was standing, I saw the shark. It was a black-tip- probably about a foot long. I finally reeled it out of the water, amazed that I had actually caught something! I handed it to dad, who got the hook out and handed it to me. I held it for the picture then chucked it back in the water. That was a really fun trip- face to face with jaws.


Richmond, VA

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