To Me

To Me:

Let's sit on the back deck in the south side
and remember times that made us remember
again and again. 

What about them is continuously inspiring.
Broken shells. Humming lyrics. The burning heat.
All things that tell me I have a past worth sharing. 

Stepping on a slug is only a reminder of southern hospitality,
shown in humidity and nature’s approach on a small town
stricken by the unfortunate touch of mother future- 
which does not have a place for the close minded and single love. 

Why not be in love with one thing?
Whether it's a mill or a person.
Multiple is too much to keep a hand on. 

Bumpy roads and discovered towns in a familiar landscape show me the scope of civilization just outside the one that I call my own. 

Be brave.
Discover you by discovering the things that even the closest places have to offer. 
You won't be disappointed
Not everything has to rhyme. 
Not everything has to be pretty.


Danville, VA