Zoe's Last Day

It was the strangest of days. The minutes ticked by slowly. The vet was scheduled to arrive at 2pm. As the morning drug on, my husband and I walked around the house in a daze. We were both trying to go about our day as if nothing unusual was scheduled. I cried as I fed Zoe, our cat. I knew it was the last time I would ever feed her. She sensed something was not right in our world. 

Zoe was our sweet kitty who we adopted 14 years ago from the humane society. She was a shy gentle soul. She loved our family and we loved her. Our daughter picked her out of a group of kittens because Zoe was so shy and afraid. She needed us.

The years were beginning to take their toll on her little body. She had a long list of ailments that were painful for her. We didn’t want to put her down, but we didn’t want her to suffer any longer. It was one of the hardest decisions my husband and I have faced together.

The day seemed to slowly go by, second by second. The sadness and dread were almost too much to bear. I wanted it to be over, but I didn’t. 

The vet finally arrived and she talked with us about the process and what to expect. My husband and I were both in tears as she spoke to us. She supported our decision to end Zoe’s suffering. 

The process began. Zoe was sedated. She calmed down and we lay on the floor with her, gently petting her and telling her how much we loved her. She relaxed and was peaceful. The vet gave us some private time to say goodbye. My husband held my hand and as we petted her. Through the tears we shared a beautiful moment. Sweet Zoe had made our lives richer.

After our tearful goodbyes, the vet administered the drug to stop her heart. We watched her take her last breath. And then there was peace. Our sweet kitty was gone from this world. I hope to see her again in the next world.

It’s only been a few weeks since that day. I miss her so much. I think I hear her and expect to see her walking down the hall. Some mornings I start down the stairs to go to feed her, and then I remember. She will always be part of our family’s story. We love you Zoe.


Pullman, WA

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