Ode to My Organs

Oh, faithful Organs, parts of the whole,
How I love you so!

Spongy ribcage sacs, my Lungs!
Thank you for helping me to Accept my Life.
Surrendering attachments, 
Processing Grief, 
Making graceful transitions.
Surrender. Release. Repeat.

Maintain that fluid balance, Large Intestine!
Thank you for helping me let go of the past
And enter each day with an open mind. 
Contraction and Expansion. 

Thank you Heart, for Wisdom and Knowing. 
Your center, the bridge to Collective Consciousness.
You house my mind and perceptions. 
Thank you for generating the Joy and the Sadness. 
You make me aware of myself
And my nature
So that I can be present to each moment. 
Acceptance and Harmony.

Small Intestine, I love the way you discern!
You help to nourish and define me.
Because of you I can embrace separation. 
Intellect and Awareness.

Liver, you’re always guiding my soul!
Thank you for storing experiences in my fascia
- Helping me to find my path in life.
Internally and Externally -
Synthesize. Plan. Organize.

Gall Bladder; thank you for your endurance!
In finding motivation, 
Courage and Mobility. 
You help me to make decisions and be flexible. 
Assimilate the External.

Spleen, thank you for this Rhythm of Life!
You purify and cleanse –through all of the worrying and thinking! 
Subconscious mind. 

Acidic Pear-shaped, Stomach! 
Sea of Grain and Water, 
Thank you for digesting my food
As well as my life!
Assimilating and supporting my conscious mind. 

Kidneys, I haven’t forgotten you! 
Ocean of the human body and
Genetic blueprint holder.
You’re my energy production and blood filter.
Willpower. Sensuality. Coping.

Oh Bladder, how I respect your role within my nervous system!
You release for me, what I no longer need,
What can be toxic for me unexpressed – like Anger.
Control. Reproduction.

Oh, sepia Organs of mine…
I respect you! 
I thank you! 
I need you! 
I love you!


Richmond, VA