The Fractal 10 Minutes

Ten minutes. Ten minutes to board. Ten minutes to reach your destination, says the GPS. Ten minutes to leave before the bomb goes off. Ten minutes to figure out which wire to cut. On the bomb, in my brain. Ten minutes not to go nuts. Ten minutes to wake up from this nightmare to the worst. Ten minutes to finish the bank transfer before the currency rate changes. Ten minutes waiting in line. Ten minutes between the moment the cops got into the hotel room, he emerged from the bathroom, was handcuffed and taken away. Ten minutes between realities. Ten minutes in which nothing made sense. Ten minutes trying the ATM machine. Ten minutes of internet banking to discover why. Ten minutes to realize there was much more to it. Ten minutes that unfolded into 24 hours, 72 hours, 7 days and then 5 months and 10 minutes.


Springfield, VA

Marilia Coutinho is an elite athlete, a writer, a researcher and a coach. She has double background in the biological and social sciences with a M.Sc. in chemical ecology and a Ph.D. in sociology of science. She can be found at