Morning Excercise

The lanky 20-something who made me my coffee this morning called me "Hun," and I am now at the Boston Nature Center digging in the sand with a tow-headed toddler. A few feet away a ruby-throated hummingbird takes leisurely sips from purple flowers. Then there are the red-winged blackbirds, the field swallows dive-bombing insects above our heads, and the little old man who smiled at me as I biked past him on the way to work this morning. A hundred years ago he would have tipped his hat, and I would have been wearing a gingham dress.

There are so many things in life I wanted that I didn't get. But when the toddler's older brother says to me, "It's not fair," I say, Oh, child, of course it's not. Life's not fair. But it's beautiful. Look for the beauty.


Boston, Massachusetts

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