Frosted glass fogged with vodka stained breath
Autumn air tinted with wisp of cocoa powder and caramel
Pumpkins were stars lighting up the sidewalks, each with grins

Odin, head of the table
Uttered tales of vast combat, 
Leading the battle of Asgard while only wielding a tuba
Able to march a field with Neanderthals clutching a pig skin

Jord cultivated her seat
Beside Odin eternally, finding faults and graben for the truth
A mere sneeze and destruction materializes like a wand of fruition
Her motherly love only for felines and Odin

They had a quiet evening

An evening gathered around a table
Feasting, laughing, all like Vikings after a victorious conquer

They had a quiet evening
Then a thief crossed their shielded moat
The thief had veins coursing with fermented yeast, and tie dye armor
Time stood still
The tie dye headless horseman stole Odin’s noble steed

Pedaling away, pedaling away

Then Jord transformed into a Garmr
She hounded behind the scoundrel and snarled
Odin himself couldn’t stop Jord’s wrath

Words an angel couldn’t speak were spoken
Tears were shed from souls
Ears were pierced with blue and red sirens
Shackles, fetters, and bars came to the scene

On that night a bike was returned but their peace was lost
Even gods can be victims
Even mortals can do harm

*Jord- Earth Goddess of Norse mythology. She is also Odin’s mistress.
*Odin- God of war, and death in Norse mythology.
*Garmr- A demon hound.


Mechanicsville, VA