I keep flipping unresponsive light switches. It's hot and stuffy, so I try to turn on a nearby fan. I DESPERATELY want to recharge my phone.  I had heard the siren sounding loud and long before the electricity went off, warning that a tornado had been sighted.

An hour or so earlier I saw spectacular lightning displays to the north before the storm rolled in. I turned off the air conditioner so the unit wouldn't be damaged by power surges.

I wasn't completely surprised but the power outage, but I kept hoping the electricity would come back on, but it didn't.

Curiosity won over common sense, and I used the phone I couldn't recharge to send and receive text messages and go on Facebook. It was reassuring to reach out to my friends, both those I've known for years and those I met on Facebook, and know of their prayers and concern.

(Author's note: The tornado (there may have been more than one) caused extensive damage, but, thankfully, no loss of life. I was without electricity for about 19 hours, and I missed it. Others got theirs back sooner, some later. I was blessed.)


Kingsville, Texas

A terrible storm spawned 3 tornadoes and did a LOT of damage. I didn't know how bad the damage was until later. I was just anxious without electricity.