Thoughts on OUR World

Today as I lay in bed in my dark room and I watched episode 3 of season 5 tears rolled down my face. In the episode they pay respect to Finn Hudson, Cory Monteith. They don’t explain how he dies in the show, but in real life he died from drug abuse. I have never understood why drugs existed or why they were used. Many people have tried to explain, and made up lame excuses as to why they’re not bad or addictive. Watching the other characters sing songs in his memory and cry I couldn’t help but think about how they felt. I knew i felt as if my throat was closing in, as if i couldn’t breathe. I never met the actor, but i loved his work and I grew up watching him. They were his family, and i cried more that they did. How could they control themselves? I finished the episode and tried to watch the next one. I couldn’t. The thought of not seeing him ever again on Glee, or any other movie or TV show was unbearable. I got up and walked into my parents room and tears just came pouring out of my eyes like a monsoon. I lay on top of my mom, like a walrus and cried in her arms. I asked her why drugs existed? And who had come up with the idea of them? She didn‘t give me an answer, but held me tight. This led to guns, borders, oil, money and inequality, all topics talked about in our world today. I will never understand people who carry guns, or who shoot people because they don’t believe the same thing. I will never truly understand or grasp the idea of borders on countries. After all, all 7 billion of us live on this planet, it’s ours, therefore we should be able to travel freely. I don’t believe our ethnicity should limit us to where we can travel. I have always thought we should go back to trading, everything just seems simpler. Maybe even having one currency for all over the world would be better. I will never understand people who shoot because they don't believe in the same things, or people who shoot using the excuse that they are privileged humans. WE ARE ALL HUMANS, we are all the same species. I guess i just simply will never understand this world. I continued expressing myself to my mom. We got back on the subject of drugs, and i told her how worried I was for those of my friends who do drugs, or drink or simply want to try them. They kill people, and if i get this sad and depressed over drug overdose by someone i never met then I can’t imagine what the situation will be when it happened to someone I love. They won't listen to me, and i can't change their minds, but i know what I want. I never want to be like them, or a part of that group of humans. I want to be strong, in fact I am strong. I am strong enough to say i will never do drugs, for my own sake for the ones i love and hopefully even if i'm one 15 year old help change our world.


San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

Lucy OsornioComment