New school, New life, New me.

I was always the popular kid. I was the smartest, tallest, and funniest. It was like I was floating around the rich privileged kids that attended my school. I wasn’t rich, I didn’t have the best clothes and I didn’t own a pair of toms or uggs. I was like any ordinary kid, who somehow had managed to sneak into the hierarchy of overly spoiled kids. When they got to go to whistler over Christmas break, I could be found with my family in my small humble home around the Christmas tree. I had friends there, and I felt like I fit in. Like any other normal child I sometimes did feel left out, or lonely, but I had never felt that horrible until I changed schools. 

I had my place, I was the happiest, liveliest kid. I wasn’t shy at all, I would dance down the hallways and talk to anyone no matter how old they were.I even did sports!I played basketball for 3 hours every single day and I was the captain of the girl’s team. I fit in. It had always been my mom’s plan to change me to Victoria Robbins’ School when I turned 11 and my sister turned 9. For years before that I was excited about it, happy, and then my final year at my favorite school arrived. The end of the year party was a tear fest. I didn’t see a single girl in my class not crying like a monsoon. As we sat on the bleachers hugs and tears and sniffles echoed through the school. Although it was a sad moment and I would miss them, I couldn’t help but feel special. They were crying for me, at least I thought so and I loved it!!

My first day at Vic’s came. I could feel butterflies inside me and my hands shaking. I wasn’t excited, I was terrified. First day was a crazy experience of being yelled at by my principal/math teacher because I couldn’t figure out the math orientation. It also involved sitting in the farthest place away from the front of the room. It was horrible, but not the worst day. The year continued and it didn’t get better. It was like that new year’s saying, “What you eat on the first day of the year, is what you’ll eat for the rest of the year” but instead of food it was series of unfortunate events. I felt horrible throughout that whole year. On a day to day basis I would hide in the bathroom and cry. I hated the school, the teachers and the people so much. All I wanted was to be back at my old school, in my little place of knowledge and popularity. I dreaded mornings and i became messy and unproductive. I still did my homework, but only well enough to get an A. Not putting the effort I used to into it. 

Over the next year life still pretty much sucked. I still wished to be somewhere else, unsure of where but not there. I still hated Vic’s and I still hated my family life and home. It was as if nothing in the world could change my views on my new life. There was this one girl. Maya, she now goes by the name of Zero. We HATED each other, and daily wanted to kill the other. She changed my life. I will forever be thankful for that. She became my best friend and quickly we took on the world like Superman and Superwoman. My life began improving, I was taken into her life and I took her into mine. Shortly after my two other best friends Emilia and Emmie came into my life. All 4 of us became the FOURSOME. Those girls made me believe again. They returned the shine into my eyes and the smile to my face. I felt like I fit again. I wasn’t on a pedestal and I wasn’t the best at everything but I was part of something special. That special thing led me to writing, having them as inspiration and having them to encourage me. Emilia, Emmie and Zero changed me, and returned me to my true self. Thank you. 

Now as I have completed my 4th year at Victoria Robbins School I have tons of friends. I constantly laugh and smile. I’m living the dream of any girl, at least in my opinion. Although the girls who got me here have now moved away, they’re still the ones that gave me hope.


San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico.

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