Three Tourists Having a Good Time

Strutting through the Old Quarter,
wearing a Nón Lá,
Ho Chi Minh t-shirt, 
socks, and undies,
cigarette smoke.

Enchanting incense and chimes.
Vital heat and vigilance
on the streets of difference. 

Laughing, pushing.

Three cups of Vietnamese Càphê
in a Café,
both hot and iced.
So black and thick, it tastes like oil;

A hundred days since we left Hanoi,
shoe shiners,
street vendors, and their Bok Choys.

No matter how –
crossing the streets was a jeopardy,
where we heeled, there abides felicity

of the three careless tourists,
of the three pampered tourists
with mild gaucherie,
and assorted memories

to reminisce.


Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thipwalee Srimaphan (known as ‘Kim’) is a freelance writer and translator from Chiang Mai, Thailand. As a non-native English speaker, Kim has been trying to introduce her work to international readers since 2015. 

If not traveling the world, Kim is most likely to be found around the village nearby Doisaked Hot Spring, Chiang Mai, or at her favorite “Coffee Corner”. Kim doesn’t understand Twitter. So the easiest way to track her is to visit