She was my aunt, but only three years older due to the typical Catholic family’s size in the ‘60’s. My mom was the oldest of 9, she was the youngest.

She was the one I looked up to and out for my whole life. I loved it when she came over to play when we were kids. I wanted to ride horses like she did and I thought she was so cool as a punk-ish rebel in her teens. I admired her clear voice and loved it when she sang, which was often.

She was a spiritual searcher and finder, leading the way for me, to awareness, teachers, the possibility of everything and to a wonderful woman who introduced me to my spirit guide, which was the best present anybody ever gave me. 

She was as down to earth as she was spiritual, which often balanced my sense of drama, as annoying as that could be to me sometimes. I kind of like drama.

She had beautiful curves and a shining confidence. She gave birth to 5 amazing kids who she raised within the freedom to talk about everything and believing in angels, fairies, trolls, and above anything else, themselves.

She spent countless hours helping with school projects and threw the best birthday parties. Her house was always full of kids and I loved being there.

She met the love of her life at 16 and they had the kind of love most people only dream of. Humor was very important in her life and they laughed a lot. She had the uncanny ability to accept life the way it was while laughing about it. 

She also knew how to fight, with and for her family, friends and herself.

She fought many years against the disease which consumed her. Her heart was so big that she could not let go of this earth containing her children and the love of her life. That love proved stronger than the excruciating pains she suffered.

Until one day, when her body would not accept water anymore but would still not give up, she said, “be still my heart, it is time”.

She chose the day and time and the coffin painted with daisies by her kids, and surrounded by ones she loved, she let go.


Richmond, VA

Marielle is a traveler, world citizen, mother of a magic toddler and two wonderful step children, party organizer and admirer of life in general. Lately the urge to put her life and thoughts on paper has struck and it comes up with bursts and bouts like a hesitating geyser. Sometimes hot, high and steamy, sometimes disappointingly cool and low, but always gratifying.