Creature Fear

Creature fear,
The unknown in the pink,
Holding hands has never seemed to attract the unwanted until now. 
Peer through the lush kudzu and fallen lumber decaying with mushrooms and home to fence lizards. 
It’s hard to stay on the path when he is constantly changing it. 
Wanting to turn around when I want to keep going. 
Little stone bridges bring us back to the past when things seemed to right on time, letting us cross over muddy streams and salamanders without hesitation. 
Now we waddle and tip toe across slanted dirt ways laden in runoff. 
If you stand still you can hear the smallest thing, and yourself. 
I have a heavy step around him.
I heard it and could feel it move, 
But explanation is a pointless endeavor when someone has all the answers. 
What am I without explanation? 
Should I only explain things to myself? 
When I slipped on the parchment paper leaves and slid towards Tuskinas
The world descended and crashed into the saw grass. 
I found snails and ferns that reminded me that I will never stop discovering. 
A broad river is a host to beasts that threaten us; the best thing to do is to remain aware. 
Sunburn brings pain, and so does unnecessary discipline – perhaps that pain is worse. 
Hollow arboreal shafts break with a solid kick. 
What if they were solid? 
In the land of first settlers, glass shards have no exact age, and the cliffs reveal it all. 
They fall and create beaches that never seem to take away from the main land. 
Trees hang on by a single root, waiting for the next kick to take them. 
Pretending that everything is OK is something that is hard for me to master.
Virginia, the state with the most accurate name.
Not really knowing what it is like is the hardest thing to get use to. 
Or maybe only having it once and knowing you may never have it again. I guess you forget about it after a while and start accept whatever you can get. 
Not an ideal way to live.
You can set yourself free at any moment but something keeps drawing you back in. 
Perhaps it is something much deeper than the name of a state or the difficulty of a trail. 
It can be found in ice blue and pale skin.
Quiet laughs. 
Easy kisses.


Richmond, VA