When I was growing up my parents, cousins, aunts and uncles and just simply other family friends always told me to enjoy my childhood for it would soon be gone.
Correct! I was one of those kids that just couldn’t wait to be 13. Now that I am 15, I wish I could be 6 again.

So many things happen when you hit adolescence. 

First of all. You hit puberty. And so many hormones just kinda attack you all at once. IT IS HORRIBLE!!! We also experience random mood swings. One second I could be laughing, literally rolling on the ground and the next i’ll be bawling with tears rolling down my grimy face. There are relationships, friendships and rivalries. Everyday a new social struggle surfaces. Whether you’re the popular one, the loner, the loser or the geek you can never get it right. You can try and try but you’ll never be in the right place, you’ll never be happy enough or good enough for anyone. Walking down the hallways at school, or the street, judgmental looks from everyone. Your fashion, your looks or your weight. All things that people will judge, pick out and examine to the very end of their possibilities. Your clothes, will never be good enough for those with different styles, or those with higher capacity of nicer clothes. Your weight always judged by those skinnier than you and those chubbier as well. Your nose, ears, jaw, teeth and eyes all subjects of excruciating differences. We’re always told to be ourselves, not only personality wise but physically. How do these people expect us to see ourselves as “perfect” when we are told otherwise everyday? 

As a little girl, people praised me for my cuteness, my adorableness and my charismatic stories. Everything changes for every girl when they start to grow up. As they become women, that cuteness and praise turns to an evil sense of praise. No longer is it easy to walk down the street without men, older men whistling, hollering, or saying some kind of rude comment to you. Some of them will even have the audacity to spank your bottom. Humanity is always saying how sick our world is for shaming a girl who is overweight, or for bullying a kid that doesn’t wear clothes from Forever 21. How come we don't consider our world to be sick because of what men do? We are in the twenty first century, an era where women are empowered and treated equally. Yet, i haven't seen this happening. When a girl checks out a guy or flirts with too many they’re considered sluts or whores, bad girls and even called names for that. Yet, a guy can have many wives, girlfriends, lovers and mistresses and its still ok?

Growing up is hard, and there is no way out of it. You just have to keep going on a wild roller coaster filled with excruciating pain, laughs, smiles and tears. 

This is coming from a kid who once wanted to be older, and was tired of adult telling her to enjoy her childhood. Your childhood really is valuable, it’s important, and so so so very easy. So don’t grow up too fast.


 San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

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