The night air creased her skin
as she shuffled nervously on the porch,
waiting for the return of a man
she knew would not come.
It was reckless of her to implore such fantasies,
to try and set the immobile in motion.
She was left foolish once again,
holding nothing but the lonely grey sky,
watching the stars dance
listlessly above her head.
She closed her eyes, 
wishing for one last moment.
One glimpse of the shore,
before she sank beneath the waves.
It was as if everything
she held before
was meaningless, 
and certainly in this light it was.
Soon the dawn would wash away the wreckage,
as it had done so many times,
piecing together the steel cage. 
Still she remained loyal to the longing
just as she would rejoice in the letting go.


Alexandria, VA