Little Brown Bag

A little brown bag, that's what I am. Just an normal looking bag. It may look like every other brown bags in the world, but deep inside holds priceless treasures. A golden heart, pastel pink cotton candy, water from the cleanest of springs, a broken mirror that's slowly healing and many sparkles. The treasures are so priceless, so valuable they must be hidden from the outside world. Only they can surface when the time is right, but I must protect them before they are tainted.



One day I want to help someone who is going through a hard time through my writings, I want them to know that they are not alone and things get better! I always wanted to be a novelist, a veterinarian, photographer, traveler and perhaps a dancer. I know it's a lot, but they're so many passions I have, plus I'm young and unattached so why not! When if I become attached then maybe I'll slow down. But I know for sure, I want to save people's live's through the magic of books!

Shayna WilkinsComment